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About Us

Meghduta (Sanskrit: Meghaduta, literally meaning “The Cloud Messenger”) is a social media platform exclusively devoted to Art, Culture and Heritage that may refer to a full range of lists such as archaeological sites, monuments, artifacts, natural heritage, shipwrecks, underwater ruins & cities and a whole lot more.

It can also be the inheritance of physical and non-physical things after the death of loved ones, rituals, storytelling, oral history, festivals, traditions, cooking, music, dance, seasons, arts, paintings, sculptures, and many others or any forms of arts, culture and heritage that move us!

And all those that influence our present activities, meanings, behaviours and all that defines who we are today. So, what is our personal relationship with cultural heritage! What do we love to share with others and why? What is worth saving?

The Meghduta users can create a page about what they love most about culture heritage and share and exchange with a wider audience for richer experiences. Users can crowdsource and contribute to the mapping of the arts, culture and heritage around the world. It is a way of productive social engagement of the digital audiences.  

Meghduta is more than a social networking platform. It is a community that aims to discover and share art, culture & heritage in any form/ format around the world and beyond. It seeks to create an opportunity to bring cultural heritage and people closer together,  a way of building peace and bring harmony to our digital life through global awareness and understanding the culture of the others.